ゴンドリンの陥落/The Fall of Gondolin 2a

『没案草稿集その2/The Book of Lost Tales 2』
〈中つ国〉執筆史、第二巻/The History of Middle-earth, Book 2 より



高家 訳語 表記ブレ 宗主
House of the White Wing “白翼”家 “翼”家 トゥオル/Tuor
House of the Mole “鼴”家   ゴンドバル大公メグリン/Meglin, Prince of Gondobar
House of the Swallow “燕”家   ドゥイリン公/Lord Duilin
House of the Heavenly Arch “天弧”家 “弧”家、“虹”家 族長エガルモス/Chieftain Egalmoth
House of the Pillar “柱”家   ペンロド/Penlod
House of the Tower of Snow “雪の塔”家   ペンロド/Penlod
House of the Tree “木”家   ガルドル公/Lord Galdor
House of the Golden Flower “金華”家   首長グロルフィンデル/Chief Glorfindel
House of the Fountain “噴水”家 “南の噴水”家 エクセリオン公/Lord Ecthelion
House of the Harp “竪琴”家   指導者サルガント/Leader Salgant
House of the Hammer of Wrath “怒りの鎚”家 “鎚”家 指導者ログ/Leader Rog




 Now came days when Tuor had dwelt among the Gondothlim many years. Long had he known and cherished a love for the king's daughter, and now was his heart full of that love. Great love too had Idril for Tuor, and the strands of her fate were woven with his even from that day when first she gazed upon him from a high window as he stood a way-worn suppliant before the palace of the king. Little cause had Turgon to withstand their love, for he saw in Tuor a kinsman of comfort and great hope. Thus was first wed a child of Men with a daughter of Elfinesse, nor was Tuor the last. Less bliss have many had than they, and their sorrow in the end was great. Yet great was the mirth of those days when Idril and Tuor were wed before the folk in Gar Ainion, the Place of the Gods, nigh to the king's halls. A day of merriment was that wedding to the city of Gondolin, and of the greatest happiness to Tuor and Idril. Thereafter dwelt they in joy in that house upon the walls that looked out south over Tumladin, and this was good to the hearts of all in the city save Meglin alone. Now that Gnome was come of an ancient house, though now were its numbers less than others, but he himself was nephew to the king by his mother the king's sister Isfin; and that tale of Isfin and Eol may not here be told.


 Now the sign of Meglin was a sable Mole, and he was great among quarrymen and a chief of the delvers after ore; and many of these belonged to his house. Less fair was he than most of this goodly folk, swart and of none too kindly mood, so that he won small love, and whispers there were that he had Orc's blood in his veins, but I know not how this could be true. Now he had bid often with the king for the hand of Idril, yet Turgon finding her very loth had as often said nay, for him seemed Meglin's suit was caused as much by the desire of standing in high power beside the royal throne as by love of that most fair maid. Fair indeed was she arid brave thereto; and the people called her Idril of the Silver Feet" in that she went ever barefoot and bareheaded, king's daughter as she was, save only at pomps of the Ainur; and Meglin gnawed his anger seeing Tuor thrust him out.


 In these days came to pass the fulfilment of the time of the desire of the Valar and the hope of [the] Eldalie, for in great love Idril bore to Tuor a son and he was called Earendel. Now thereto there are many interpretations both among Elves and Men, but belike it was a name wrought of some secret tongue among the Gondothlim" and that has perished with them from the dwellings of the Earth.


 Now this babe was of greatest beauty; his skin of a shining white and his eyes of a blue surpassing that of the sky in southern lands - bluer than the sapphires of the raiment of Manwe; and the envy of Meglin was deep at his birth, but the joy of Turgon and all the people very great indeed.


 Behold now many years have gone since Tuor was lost amid the foothills and deserted by those Noldoli; yet many years too have gone since to Melko's ears came first those strange tidings - faint were they and various in form - of a Man wandering amid the dales of the waters of Sirion. Now Melko was not much afraid of the race of Men in those days of his great power, and for this reason did Ulmo work through one of this kindred for the better deceiving of Melko, seeing that no Valar and scarce any of the Eldar or Noldoli might stir unmarked of his vigilance. Yet nonetheless foreboding smote that ill heart at the tidings, and he got together a mighty army of spies: sons of the Orcs were there with eyes of yellow and green like cats that could pierce all glooms and see through mist or fog or night; snakes that could go everywhither and search all crannies or the deepest pits or the highest peaks, listen to every whisper that ran in the grass or echoed in the hills; wolves there were and ravening dogs and great weasels full of the thirst of blood whose nostrils could take scent moons old through running water, or whose eyes find among shingle footsteps that had passed a lifetime since; owls came and falcons whose keen glance might descry by day or night the fluttering of small birds in all the woods of the world, and the movement of every mouse or vole or rat that crept or dwelt throughout the Earth. All these he summoned to his Hall of Iron, and they came in multitudes. Thence he sent them over the Earth to seek this Man who had escaped from the Land of Shadows, but yet far more curiously and intently to search out the dwelling of the Noldoli that had escaped his thraldom; for these his heart burnt to destroy or to enslave.


 Now while Tuor dwelt in happiness and in great increase of knowledge and might in Gondolin, these creatures through the years untiring nosed among the stones and rocks, hunted the forests and the heaths, espied the airs and lofty places, tracked all paths about the dales and plains, and neither let nor stayed. From this hunt they brought a wealth of tidings to Melko - indeed among many hidden things that they dragged to light they discovered that Way of Escape whereby Tuor and Voronwe entered aforetime. Nor had they done so save by constraining some of the less stout of the Noldoli with dire threats of torment to join in that great ransacking; for because of the magic about that gate no folk of Melko unaided by the Gnomes could come to it. Yet now they had pried of late far into its tunnels and captured within many of the Noldoli creeping there to flee from thraldom. They had scaled too the Encircling Hills at. certain places and gazed upon the beauty of the city of Gondolin and the strength of Amon Gwareth from afar; but into the plain they could not win for the vigilance of its guardians and the difficulty of those mountains. Indeed the Gondothlim were mighty archers, and bows they made of a marvel of power. Therewith might they shoot an arrow into heaven seven times as far as could the best bowman among Men shoot at a mark upon the ground; and they would have suffered no falcon to hover long over their plain or snake to crawl therein; for they liked not creatures of blood, broodlings of Melko.


 Now in those days was Earendel one year old when these ill tidings came to that city of the spies of Melko and how they encompassed the vale of Tumladin around. Then Turgon's heart was saddened, remembering the words of Tuor in past years before the palace doors; and he caused the watch and ward to be thrice strengthened at all points, and engines of war to be devised by his artificers and set upon the hill. Poisonous fires and hot liquids, arrows and great rocks, was he prepared to shoot down on any who would assail those gleaming walls; and then he abode as well content as might be, but Tuor's heart was heavier than the king's, for now the words of Ulmo came ever to his mind, and their purport and gravity he understood more deeply than of old; nor did he find any great comfort in Idril, for her heart boded more darkly even than his own.


 Know then that Idril had a great power of piercing with her thought the darkness of the hearts of Elves and Men, and the glooms of the future thereto - further even than is the common power of the kindreds of the Eldalie; therefore she spake thus on a day to Tuor: "Know, my husband, that my heart misgives me for doubt of Meglin, and I fear that he will bring an ill on this fair realm, though by no means may I see how or when - yet I dread lest all that he knows of our doings and preparations become in some manner known to the Foe, so that he devise a new means of whelming us, against which we have thought of no defence. Lo! I dreamed on a night that Meglin builded a furnace, and coming at us unawares flung therein Earendel our babe, and would after thrust in thee and me; but that for sorrow at the death of our fair child I would not resist."


 And Tuor answered: "There is reason for thy fear, for neither is my heart good towards Meglin; yet is he the nephew of the king and thine own cousin, nor is there charge against him, and I see nought to do but to abide and watch."


 But Idril said: "This is my rede thereto: gather thou in deep secret those delvers and quarrymen who by careful trial are found to hold least love for Meglin by reason of the pride and arrogance of his dealings among them. From these thou must choose trusty men to keep watch upon Meglin whenso he fares to the outer hills, yet I counsel thee to set the greater part of those in whose secrecy thou canst confide at a hidden delving, and to devise with their aid - howsoever cautious and slow that labour be - a secret way from thy house here beneath the rocks of this hill unto the vale below. Now this way must not lead toward the Way of Escape, for my heart bids me trust it not, but even to that far distant pass, the Cleft of Eagles in the southern mountains; and the further this delving reach thitherward beneath the plain so much the better would I esteem it -- yet let all this labour be kept dark save from a few."


 Now there are none such delvers of earth or rock as the Noldoli (and this Melko knows), but in those places is the earth of a great hardness; and Tuor said: "The rocks of the hill of Amon Gwareth are as iron, and only with much travail may they be cloven; yet if this be done in secret then must great time and patience be added; but the stone of the floor of the Vale of Tumladin is as forged steel, nor may it be hewn without the knowledge of the Gondothlim save in moons and years."


 Idril said then: "Sooth this may be, but such is my rede, and there is yet time to spare." Then Tuor said that he might not see all its purport, "but 'better is any plan than a lack of counsel', and I will do even as thou sayest".


 Now it so chanced that not long after Meglin went to the hills for the getting of ore, and straying in the mountains alone was taken by some of the Orcs prowling there, and they would do him evil and terrible hurt, knowing him to be a man of the Gondothlim. This was however unknown of Tuor's watchers. But evil came into the heart of Meglin, and he said to his captors: "Know then that I am Meglin son of Eol who had to wife Isfin sister of Turgon king of the Gondothlim." But they said: "What is that to us?" And Meglin answered: "Much is it to you; for if you slay me, be it speedy or slow, ye will lose great tidings concerning the city of Gondolin that your master would rejoice to hear." Then the Orcs stayed their hands, and said they would give him life if the matters he opened to them seemed to merit that; and Meglin told them of all the fashion of that plain and city, of its walls and their height and thickness, and the valour of its gates; of the host of men at arms who now obeyed Turgon he spake, and the countless hoard of weapons gathered for their equipment, of the engines of war and the venomous fires.


 Then the Orcs were wroth, and having heard these matters were yet for slaying him there and then as one who impudently enlarged the power of his miserable folk to the mockery of the great might and puissance of Melko; but Meglin catching at a straw said: "Think ye not that ye would rather pleasure your master if ye bore to his feet so noble a captive, that he might hear my tidings of himself and judge of their verity?"


 Now this seemed good to the Orcs, and they returned from the mountains about Gondolin to the Hills of Iron and the dark halls of Melko; thither they haled Meglin with them, and now was he in a sore dread. But when he knelt before the black throne of Melko in terror of the grimness of the shapes about him, of the wolves that sat beneath that chair and of the adders that twined about its legs, Melko bade him speak. Then told he those tidings, and Melko hearkening spake very fair to him, that the insolence of his heart in great measure returned.


 Now the end of this was that Melko aided by the cunning of Meglin devised a plan for the overthrow of Gondolin. For this Meglin's reward was to be a great captaincy among the Orcs - yet Melko purposed not in his heart to fulfil such a promise - but Tuor and Earendel should Melko burn, and Idril be given to Meglin's arms - and such promises was that evil one fain to redeem. Yet as meed of treachery did Melko threaten Meglin with the torment of the Balrogs. Now these were demons with whips of flame and claws of steel by whom he tormented those of the Noldoli who durst withstand him in anything - and the Eldar have called them Malkarauki. But the rede that Meglin gave to Melko was that not all the host of the Orcs nor the Balrogs in their fierceness might by assault or siege hope ever to overthrow the walls and gates of Gondolin even if they availed to win unto the plain without. Therefore he counselled Melko to devise out of his sorceries a succour for his warriors in their endeavour. From the greatness of his wealth of metals and his powers of fire he bid himmake beasts like snakes and dragons of irresistible might that should overcreep the Encircling Hills and lap that plain and its fair city in flame and death.


 Then Meglin was bidden fare home lest at his absence men suspect somewhat; but Melko wove about him the spell of bottomless dread, and he had thereafter neither joy nor quiet in his heart. Nonetheless he wore a fair mask of good liking and gaiety, so that men said: "Meglin is softened", and he was held in less disfavour; yet Idril feared him the more. Now Meglin said: "I have laboured much and am minded to rest, and to join in the dance and the song and the merrymakings of the folk", and he went no more quarrying stone or ore in the hills: yet in sooth he sought herein to drown his fear and disquiet. A dread possessed him that Melko was ever at hand, and this came of the spell; and he durst never again wander amid the mines lest he again fall in with the Orcs and be bidden once more to the terrors of the halls of darkness.




 Now when the seventh summer had gone since the treason of Meglin, and Earendel was yet of very tender years though a valorous child, Melko withdrew all his spies, for every path and corner of the mountains was now known to him; yet the Gondothlim thought in their unwariness that Melko would no longer seek against them, perceiving their might and the impregnable strength of their dwelling.


 But Idril fell into a dark mood and the light of her face was clouded, and many wondered thereat; yet Turgon reduced the watch and ward to its ancient numbers, and to somewhat less, and as autumn came and the gathering of fruits was over folk turned with glad hearts to the feasts of winter: but Tuor stood upon the battlements and gazed upon the Encircling Hills.


 Now behold, Idril stood beside him, and the wind was in her hair, and Tuor thought that she was exceeding beautiful, and stooped to kiss her; but her face was sad, and she said: "Now come the days when thou must make choice," and Tuor knew not what she said. Then drawing him within their halls she said to him how her heart misgave her for fear concerning Earendel her son, and for boding that some great evil was nigh, and that Melko would be at the bottom of it. Then Tuor would comfort her, but might not, and she questioned him concerning the secret delving, and he said how it now led a league into the plain, and at that was her heart somewhat lightened. But still she counselled that the delving be pressed on, and that henceforth should speed weigh more than secrecy, "because now is the time very near". And another rede she gave him, and this he took also, that certain of the bravest and most true among the lords and warriors of the Gondothlim be chosen with care and told of that secret way and its issue. These she counselled him to make into a stout guard and to give them his emblem to wear that they become his folk, and to do thus under pretext of the right and dignity of a great lord, kinsman to the king. "Moreover," said she, "I will get my father's favour to that." In secret too she whispered to folk that if the city came to its last stand or Turgon be slain that they rally about Tuor and her son, and to this they laughed a yea, saying however that Gondolin would stand as long as Taniquetil or the Mountains of Valinor.


 Yet to Turgon she spoke not openly, nor suffered Tuor to do so, as he desired, despite their love and reverence for him - a great and a noble and a glorious king he was - seeing that he trusted in Meglin and held with blind obstinacy his belief in the impregnable might of the city and that Melko sought no more against it, perceiving no hope therein. Now in this he was ever strengthened by the cunning sayings of Meglin. Behold, the guile of that Gnome was very great, for he wrought much in the dark, so that folk said: "He doth well to bear the sign of a sable mole"; and by reason of the folly of certain of the quarrymen, and yet more by reason of the loose words of certain among his tin to whom word was somewhat unwarily spoken by Tuor, he gathered a knowledge of the secret work and laid against that a plan of his own.






 太陽が丘陵地帯の向こうに沈むと、民は嬉々として熱望していた祝祭のために盛装した - そして期待を込めて東の方を眺めやった。見よ! 彼女が去ってすべてが闇に包まれた後、忽然と新たな光が点ると、明るさを増していったのだ。しかもそれは北方の峰々を超えて来たので、驚嘆した人々は外壁や胸壁に殺到した。不思議な光は強くなり、やがて赤みを帯びてきた。そして山々を覆う雪が血の色に染まった時、人々の心には疑いが兆した。メルコの“火の蛇”がゴンドリンに到来したのではないかと。


 やがて峰で警戒を続けていた者たちが、息をのむような知らせを携えた騎馬伝令を平原に走らせた。彼らは炎の軍勢と竜のような姿を伝え、そして言った:「メルコが我らの上にいる」。美しき都には恐れと哀しみが広がり、大路でも街路でも女性の涙や子供の泣き叫ぶ声が聞こえたが、兵が召集され、広場では彼らの武器がぶつかり鳴った。さて、そこにはゴンドリンの民のすべての高家と家系を示す輝かしい旗印が並んでいた。一番荘厳なのは王家であり、その色は白、金、赤。紋章は月と太陽と緋色のハートだ。その中央に筆頭たるトゥオルがいた。彼の鎧は銀に輝いていた;彼の壮健さは民の中で並び立つ者がいなかった。見よ! 彼らの兜には白鳥やカモメの翼があしらわれ、彼らの盾には白い翼の紋章が描かれていた。そこにはメグリンも民を引き連れて来ていた。彼らはクロテン革の装具を締め、何の紋章も徽章も帯びておらず、表面をモールスキンで覆った鋼の丸帽を被っていた。彼らはつるはしのような両刃の両手斧で戦った。ゴンドバル大公メグリンが集めた戦士たちは暗い表情としかめっ面をしていた。その時、赤い光が彼らの顔と磨き上げられた従装具を照らした。見よ! 北の丘陵地帯が燃え上がり、火の河が流れ落ちるようにトゥムラデンの平原に届いた。民はその熱気を感じた。


 さらに他の高家もいた。“燕”家と“天弧”家の民がいた。これらの民からは優秀な弓師が多数輩出され、外壁の広い場所に配置された。“燕”家の民は兜に羽飾りを付け、白と紺で盛装し、彼らの盾は紫地に黒で鏃が描かれていた。彼らの主君はドゥイリンであり、最も速く走り、跳び、正確に的を射抜く射手だ。そして数えきれない富を持つ“天弧”家の民は色取り取りの衣装で盛装しており、彼らの武具には天が下で炎のような輝きを放つ宝石が嵌められていた。軍勢のすべての盾は天の蒼色であり、紅玉、紫水晶、青玉、翠玉、緑玉髄、黄玉、琥珀の七つの宝石が嵌めこまれ、彼らの兜には大粒の虹色石が飾られていた。エガルモスが彼らの族長であり、星のように輝く水晶を縫い込んだ青いマントを羽織った。彼は曲刀 - 当時、ノルドリで曲刀を使う者はいなかった - を佩いたが、彼が信頼するものは弓であり、軍勢の誰よりも遠くを射た。








 これがゴンドリン11高家の盛装と序列、紋章と徽章であり、トゥオルの近衛隊は“翼”家の民と呼ばれ、第12高家として数えられた。今、族長の顔は厳しく、この命は長くないと感じていた - 外壁近くの彼の家では、鎖帷子で盛装したイドリルがエーレンデルを探していた。その子は寝室を照らす妖しい光を見て泣き出していた;乳母のメレスがむずがる彼に話したメルコの火の物語を思い出して怯えたのだ。しかし彼の母が来て密かに用意していた小さな鎖帷子を着せると、彼は誇りを取り戻して歓喜し、嬉しさに声を上げた。しかしイドリルは泣いていた。彼女は美しい都と素晴らしい我が家を大切にしており、トゥオルと一緒の生活を愛していたからだ;しかし今彼女は破滅の魔手が迫っていることを感じていた。そして彼女は蛇の恐怖の圧倒的な力に対して彼女の計画が失敗するのではないかと恐れていた。










 そして“鼴”家の宗主はトゥルゴンの弱いところを突いた:「王よ、ご照覧あれ! ゴンドリンの都には宝石や貴金属、ノームが手ずから作り出した貴重品や様々な富があります。あなた様の諸侯は - 賢明なる勇者諸氏は - それを敵の面前に差し出すのでしょうか。もし平原の戦いで勝利をつかんだとしても、都はバルログに略奪され、莫大な戦利品が強奪されるでしょう」;トゥルゴンは唸った。メグリンは彼がアモン・グワレスの上にそびえる都とその富に対する愛着を熟知していた。再びメグリンは声に火をつけた:「王よ! あなた様は数え切れないほどの年月をかけて、難攻不落な厚さを持つ外壁と打ち倒すことができない門扉を築きあげたのです;アモン・グワレスの高みの力を捨てて地の利のない深い谷間に出るなど、ましてや貯蔵された無数の武器や鏃という利点を捨て、敵の持つ鋼と火に裸で挑むなど愚の骨頂。何者が大地と環状山脈を踏み砕き、揺るがすことができるというのでしょうか?」










 この時トゥオルは“翼”家の民を率いて街路をかき分けていた。それを乗り切った後、彼は前方にメグリンが先んじていることに気づいた。戦いの喧騒からして都の北門で戦いが始まったことは確実であり、メグリンは彼の計画を完成させる好機と感じていた。彼はトゥオルの“秘密の探窟”について聞き及んでいたが(余りに間近であったためすべてを把握していなかったため)王を含む誰にも他言していなかった。彼はそれが都に最も近い脱出口として使えるのではないかと考えていた。彼の精神は独善に染まっており、ノルドリに対しては悪意しかなかった。彼は既にメルコに対して秘密裏に使者を送り出しており、攻撃が開始された時点で攻囲軍に届いているはずだった;彼はエーレンデルを攻囲の火の中に放り込んだ後、イドリルを捕らえて秘密の通路に彼を案内させ、火と虐殺と恐怖の巷を逃れ去り、彼女を連れてメルコの領土に向かうつもりだった。メグリンが恐れているのはメルコが授けた秘密の証が奪われて計画が失敗することであり、彼はアイヌが彼の安全を保障してくれるものと確信していた。さらに彼はトゥオルがすでに業火に焼かれて死んでいると信じていた。なぜなら“王の広間”に残ったサルガントに彼を足止めするよう依頼していたからだ。彼はその足で戦いに向かったに違いない。だが、しかし! その時サルガントは死に至る恐怖に捕らわれていた。彼は自宅に戻ると震えながら寝台に潜り込んだ;そのためトゥオルは“翼”家の民と共に自宅に向かえたのだ。




 今やメグリンは残虐な性をむき出しにしてイドリルの髪をつかんで胸壁へと引っ張りだそうとした。エーレンデルを炎の中に投げ落とす瞬間を見せつけるためである;しかし彼女はたったひとりで、さながら美しくか細い雌虎のように戦ったため、彼は子供の扱いに手こずっていた。“翼”家の民が衝突した - その時である! トゥオルが、遥か彼方のいるオークが身をすくめるような雄叫びを上げた。暴風に吹き飛ばれたかのように、“翼”家の民と“鼴”家の民は道を開けた。これを目にしたメグリンはとっさに短刀を取り出してエーレンデルを刺した;しかし子供が彼の左手に深々と噛みついたため、彼はよろめき、その刺突は弱く、服の下に着けていた鎖帷子に刃を逸らされた;そこにトゥオルが現れた。彼の憤怒の表情は見るも恐ろしいものだった。彼はメグリンの短刀を持った腕をつかむとねじり上げてへし折った。そして彼を引きずり出して胸壁の上に登ると遥か彼方に投げ捨てた。彼の肉体は遠くまで飛び、アモン・グワレスの山腹に3度ぶつかった後に炎に飲まれた;こうしてメグリンの恥ずべき名は、ノルドリの間からもエルダルの間からも消えた。

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